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My brush with Exodus International left me exposed

Long before I was able to admit that I was transgender, I spent twenty-one weeks trying to apply the teachings of Exodus to myself. In 1991 I became aware of a ministry at my brother’s church that was trying to help gays and lesbians change their sexual orientation. The director of the program was a very masculine-looking woman by the name of Marjorie Hopper; she had a very painful, complicated and difficult story. For years she lived as a man and worked as a custodian until she was outed at work and her world came crumbling down. She had a religious experience and became a zealous anti-gay advocate, and eventually the director of the Living Waters program at Burnaby Christian Fellowship (BCF). Living Waters was one of the many ministries associated with Exodus International. In those days, as I struggled with my gender identity, I was desperately hoping God would heal me and take away all my feelings of inadequacy as a man. The word transgender was just then entering our vocabular