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Gender-affirming care should not be exclusive to cisgender individuals; trans people deserve equal access.

This blogpost was inspired by a comment made on Facebook. In case you didn’t know, gender-affirming medical care, which includes treatments like puberty blockers, estrogen therapy, testosterone therapy, and breast augmentation, was initially developed for cisgender individuals seeking gender affirmation.  Puberty blockers were designed to assist cis children experiencing early onset puberty, while estrogen therapy was created for postmenopausal cisgender women to address hormonal changes.  Similarly, testosterone therapy was formulated to support cisgender men dealing with low sex drive and other health issues, and breast augmentation was an option for cisgender women experiencing body dysmorphia. The key takeaway here is that these treatments have been used successfully within the cisgender population for gender affirmation and to address specific medical needs. Applying them to transgender individuals is a logical extension of their original purpose, allowing us to provide vital care

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