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Bump in the Road, or a Major Seismic Event to Start the New Year?

2011, for all intents and purposes, was a difficult year for me personally. It marked the end of my marriage of almost thirty-seven years and, consequently, this made Christmas and the year-end festivities almost unbearable. I am most grateful to my friends and especially my immediate family for their sensitivity and love during those difficult days. The year had started on an urgent note, when after reading my friend Kathy Baldock's blogpost in  Canyonwalker Connections  titled "Genocide Brewing in Uganda," I was inspired to write an open letter to the Parliament of Uganda in opposition to the anti-gay legislation making its way through Parliament, which carries the death penalty. Wanting to do more, I also created a website to encourage others to send their own letters to the two hundred plus Members of Parliament, whose email addresses I gleaned from the official Parliament of Uganda website. I am pleased to report the humble letter campaign did have a modest effec