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Drew Marshall Show — Round Table Discussion: "LGBTs & The Church"

"Everything you ever wanted to know (and probably a bunch of stuff you really didn't want to know) about the Church and it's Public Enemy #1 – THE GAYS!" Link to Audio Scroll down to the third bullet item. Then click on the small speaker icon... It's directly above the 4th bullet. One Hour Round Table Discussion with Drew Marshall, moi and: Wendy Gritter: Executive Director of New Direction Ministries Of Canada  Dr. Lawrence Brice: Author of The Uncomfortable Church:  Can Gays be Reconciled To The Body Of Christ?

Please Share far and wide if you are Canadian

Bill C-279 (An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression) has been passed in Parliament by a very small margin and now goes to the Senate for a vote.  It is feared the Conservative majority in the Senate may try to do what Parliament couldn't and kill the Bill. We now must focus our energies on lobbying Senators and getting our friends and allies to rally behind us by writing letters and sending emails to the Senators. Yes, it may take a few minutes to do so, but we have waited too long for this to not do everything in our power to ensure this Bill becomes Law.  Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian or transgender, please consider writing an Open Letter to The Canadian Senate if for not other reason than to prevent tragedies like this one in the UK could happen here. The subject line could be: Please support for Bill C-279 Greeting: Dear Honourable Senators Say something about who you are and why you s

Gender Identity is Not a “Behavior” Needing Repentance

This week, Biola University's e newsletter has a story titled "Biola develops transgender policy as Cal Baptist lawsuit appears." The story goes on to explain how a former transgender student at Cal Baptist University (CBU) was suing the university for wrongful expulsion because she was transgender. The university counters that when the student registered, she committed fraud by indicating she was female instead of male, her birth sex. I guess Biola University thinks it prudent to develop a transgender policy posthaste to mitigate a similar fate, should a transgender person infiltrate their ranks. The problem for CBU, according to the article, is that though they have strong anti gay language in their statement of faith, they have nothing addressing gender identity issues or transgender persons. Maybe this is all Biola wants to ensure, that if they ban homosexuals, they better make sure they also ban transgender persons. I would hope, however, that wh