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Guest Column: THE PROVINCE, Feb. 15, 2011

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A friend's post has generated a heated discussion with anti-gay Ugandans

A young Ugandan woman's comments, Prossie,  are representative of their homophobic, anti-gay way of thinking. Prossie: Reading this post, i just realised that this is basically a black Vs the self-procliamed superior white men who are descendants of Ethiopia. Now, i ABSOLUTELY HATE HOMOSEXUALITY! Secondly, i absolutely hate the idea of anyone killing a criminal for wateva reason it may be, be it robbery,murder or homosexuality. I, think,(which is my personal view and not subject to change forever and ever) that they need help and therapy to discover that it is ADAM and Eve and not ADAM and STEVE but not to kill them. And if a gay person hit on me, Hell knows what i would have done to him bse my bum is an exit and will never be an entrance for anything! Prossie, you seem like an intelligent young woman, but the Adam and Steve thing, that is getting a bit tired from over-use, it is not even clever. Set that argument aside and consider what Jesus said in Matthew 19:11-12 concernin

For the Love of Christ

Thanks to Cindy Hadden for priming the pump on this. From the beginning — gays have been pushed to the outside of the gates in every culture (with the exception of a few). They WERE very well KNOWN in Jesus's day. In fact, it may be entirely possible that the Centurion who came to Jesus, asking him to "heal" his "servant" at "home" may have been the soldier's "partner." Homosexuality was widespread in the Roman army; in fact, soldiers away from wives and homes for long periods of time used their servants to relieve themselves sexually. And yet — Jesus treated them equally, and DID NOT single them out as an example of sin, nor did he do that to prostitutes and women of ill repute. There is also speculation that the convert Paul (who is credited with writing three of the six clobber verses in the Bible that are used to justify anti-gay theology) was very "in tune" with gay culture of his time, maybe h

Sometimes I feel like I need to say something

Ashley Love's Facebook page A woman said today that the medical condition transsexualism has been misrepresented & co-opted cuz of: Capitalism. Misgendering "campy drag images" cater to the lucrative gay male market more (Gay Male Hollywood own our images), & the "cross dresser, married w/ kids, or late transitioning narrative" is more sensational, drawing viewers. Hypersexualized/over the top images sell in this consumer culture/man's world. Lisa Salazar  As one having a "late transitioning narrative," let me tell you that there is nothing sensational about it. If there is anything scandalous that should draw anybody's attention is that some people have an issue with it. Had I been able to u nderstand what and who I was as a young person and had the medical understanding been then as it is today, my life might have turned out very different. The plain truth is that I knew more what I wasn't than what I was. The stereotyp