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A woman said today that the medical condition transsexualism has been misrepresented & co-opted cuz of: Capitalism. Misgendering "campy drag images" cater to the lucrative gay male market more (Gay Male Hollywood own our images), & the "cross dresser, married w/ kids, or late transitioning narrative" is more sensational, drawing viewers. Hypersexualized/over the top images sell in this consumer culture/man's world.

    • Lisa Salazar 

      As one having a "late transitioning narrative," let me tell you that there is nothing sensational about it. If there is anything scandalous that should draw anybody's attention is that some people have an issue with it. Had I been able to understand what and who I was as a young person and had the medical understanding been then as it is today, my life might have turned out very different. The plain truth is that I knew more what I wasn't than what I was. The stereotypical images and characterizations in film and the press always made me sick to my stomach. I was none of those. That I tried to make myself fit into society's binary mold and lived acting as a heterosexual male had its rewards. I have adult sons and a granddaughter today, who would not have known life otherwise. I am grateful for how my life has turned out, and at 60, I still get sick of seeing stereotypes in the media and entertainment industry and the unfortunate labeling that results from them. These people make a buck, but we end up paying the price.


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