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Even God was willing to compromise.

The headline reads: "Tea party radicals paralyzing U.S., GOP veteran says." The story is about the longest-serving Republican, Richard Lugar, who got bounced for being too moderate. Lugar has critical of the Tea Party's influence in the GOP, which can be summarized as purge of anyone who would dare compromise with the democrats, further polarizing American politics. Lugar, for his part, has had a record of working for the best of the country, even if means making compromises to get things done; not an unreasonable and unrealistic position to have. I have always been somewhat dismissive of anyone labelling a person or group (political, religious, or otherwise) as "scary." I've heard liberally minded persons call conservatives "scary," and I've heard conservatively minded call liberals the same. What bothers me about such labels is how they can sabotage intelligent dialog. Saying we fear the "other" is in inself an admission that we