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The Scandal of Inclusion

A reflection on the story of the Apostle Philip’s encounter with the Samaritans and the Ethiopian Eunuch. (Acts 8)
Transcribed and edited from September 25, 2016, Crescent United Church, Surrey, BC. This church is going through the process of becoming certified as an Affirming Ministry. In order to become an Affirming Ministry, a congregation (or presbytery, conference, educational institution, outreach ministry, chaplaincy, retreat centre, camp) must go through an educational/discernment process that reflects on what it means to be inclusive and evaluates your ministry’s openness to the ongoing work of being intentional about how it includes others within the life and work of your ministry. More information here
I have been reflecting on the passages that we read from Isaiah (see 53:5-7) and the Book of Acts (see Ch. 8) for about ten years; and the more I think about them, the more excited I become about what is in those passages; nuances and insights. I began this process of refle…