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And then there is Dr. Michael Brown, author of the best selling Christian homophobic (and transgenderphobic) book, "A Queer Thing Happened to America"

Dr. Brown is organizing to sabotage the Charlotte, NC Pride event on August 27, 2011 and set up a Facebook page for that end. He has allowed me engage him on his views regarding transgender persons. So far, he has not censored the stream. 
Just in case these get deleted from the FB page at GHABW
Lisa Salazar
‎"…we do not celebrate the fact that some people choose to surgically mutilate their God-given organs and must take hormones for the rest of their lives just to be at peace with themselves…" As a transsexual Christian woman, I also don't celebrate the choices I had to make, but I am grateful I was able to make them none-the-less. Your assertion that gender reassignment surgery is mutilation is sadly misplaced and by extension, using the the same logic, one could argue that all surgeries are acts of mutilation of some God-given "tissue." I'm sure the cancer patient who has a leg, a breast, a…