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Tea Party Member, Alan Caruba, his perspective on same sex families shows how far apart the two sides are.

In his Saturday, June 25, 2001 blog post at Warning Signs  blog, Alan Caruba made the following statement. By most indications it is a nation in its death throes. Its original values and virtues are being jettisoned and that is always a sign of internal rot. The passage of a law legalizing gay, same-sex marriage in New York State is just one example. It becomes the sixth State to do so.   Families are regarded as the keystone to a healthy society. When they begin to disintegrate or are redefined as same-sex, most observers conclude that a range of social problems will ensue.   The Census Bureau recently announced tha t  married couples no longer head a majority of families  in the United States. They now represent only 48% of households, based on data from the 2010 census. It is the first time this has ever occurred. Mr. Caruba is not the first to use such alarmist language to declare the end of American society, thanks to its degeneration and slide into the pit of the gay cesspool. O

I couldn't have said it better myself Re: "Not all Christians share same beliefs,"  by Ken Albinger, Letters, June 24. Principal Ken Albinger has stated with eloquence and kindness the position of the King of Kings Lutheran Christian school in his response to the Edmonton public school board's decision to formulate a policy to address lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) issues. Our society is founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Our society is not based on the literal words of the Bible, but on the principles. We do not live only on the foundation or in the basement of a home, but rather, we build upwards toward a brighter level. Some people consider the Bible a hunting license as they proof-text to justify their fears and hide their ignorance while persecuting others. Some embrace the Bible as if it were an immunity idol on a reality television show. Ironically, idolatry is a gra