Tea Party Member, Alan Caruba, his perspective on same sex families shows how far apart the two sides are.

In his Saturday, June 25, 2001 blog post at Warning Signs blog, Alan Caruba made the following statement.
By most indications it is a nation in its death throes. Its original values and virtues are being jettisoned and that is always a sign of internal rot. The passage of a law legalizing gay, same-sex marriage in New York State is just one example. It becomes the sixth State to do so.  
Families are regarded as the keystone to a healthy society. When they begin to disintegrate or are redefined as same-sex, most observers conclude that a range of social problems will ensue.  
The Census Bureau recently announced thamarried couples no longer head a majority of families in the United States. They now represent only 48% of households, based on data from the 2010 census. It is the first time this has ever occurred.
Mr. Caruba is not the first to use such alarmist language to declare the end of American society, thanks to its degeneration and slide into the pit of the gay cesspool. Okay, he may not call it that, but reading his and other right wing fundamentalists' opinions, this is the picture they paint.

What he and his allies fail to recognize is that the shift from what they call the traditional family, defined as a heterosexual married couple, as compared to presumably unmarried or single parent and even same sex households, is not a sign that the gay agenda is the cause, but that heterosexuals are not standing by their marriage vows, to be faithful to one another until death do us part.

If, as he contends above, "Families are regarded as the keystone to a healthy society. When they begin to disintegrate or are redefined as same-sex," and that "most observers conclude that a range of social problems will ensue," then why are heterosexual couples divorcing at such an alarming rate. Hasn't divorce been shown to be one of the major causes of a large range of social problems?

Instead of addressing the obvious lack of commitment and fidelity among hetero couples, the right wing has found it much easier to point the finger at same sex couples who simply want the commitment they have made to each other—to be faithful and true to each other, be granted the same legal rights and protection under the law that heterosexual couples enjoy.

If the same vitriolic language that is used to condemn the gays, lesbians and transgender persons was directed to divorced and separated persons, can you imagine how unpopular the right wing anti-gay preachers and leaders would be? Their churches would empty and their political ambitions would grind to a halt.

Equality for all—will we ever get to see it happen? Whether it is the United States, Canada, or any country in the world, until individuals are willing to grant each other the same rights they claim for themselves, then it is not just a nation that is its death throes, it's the whole world.


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