Drew Marshall Show — Round Table Discussion: "LGBTs & The Church"

"Everything you ever wanted to know (and probably a bunch of stuff you really didn't want to know) about the Church and it's Public Enemy #1 – THE GAYS!"

Scroll down to the third bullet item. Then click on the small speaker icon...
It's directly above the 4th bullet.

One Hour Round Table Discussion
with Drew Marshall, moi and:

Wendy Gritter:
Executive Director of New Direction Ministries Of Canada 

Dr. Lawrence Brice:
Author of The Uncomfortable Church: 
Can Gays be Reconciled To The Body Of Christ?


  1. I have been listening to the podcast of this show one day late. I wish I could simply give you a big hug. I am a pretty conservative Christian who has begun to know and love many gay and lesbian friends. I don't have many answers but I am so thankful for your openness on this show. I can't imagine how difficult your journey has been and I wish my relationship with God was as deep as yours. Thank you for your time.

    1. I appreciate your comment. Thank you. I wish I could have said more, but time flew by way too fast!


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