When Christ was Gay by Brian Elroy McKinley

What many Christians seem to forget 
When Christians pour their judgment on homosexual men and women, they do nothing less than make a mockery of their own savior, Jesus Christ. The grace they are willing to accept as followers of Christ is suddenly not good enough to extend to those they find offensive. It's a double standard, based not in biblical truth but in fear and the desire for control. To understand this, we must understand what Christians believe, and how their beliefs are being subverted from living in love to the canonizing of condemnation...CLICK RED TEXT FOR MORE


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Your blog is a wonderful find. Though I left Christianity behind many years ago, I remember many of the issues covered in your writing being discussed with passion, and even out-and-out hostility, when I worked for the United Church of Canada on Vancouver’s downtown east side. This was twenty years ago, and I worked there with Gary Patterson and Tim Stevenson, partners and both Ministers in the church. Many of the staff were gay or lesbian and devout Christians, doing vital missionary work with the poor and marginalised in Canada’s poorest neighbourhood. I think I was the only budding agnostic among them. It was at this time that I found myself an outpatient at the Vancouver Hospital Gender Dysphoria Clinic.
    My journey has been different than yours, but I find it endlessly interesting how some Christians layer their prejudices onto the One they profess to be their personal saviour. To theses folks, God works in mysterious ways, except when it comes to people who are gay, lesbian, TG or TS. Here there is no mystery, only judgement and condemnation.
    I am also surprised at the amount of hateful energy some people put into trying to convince themselves and others that the justice Jesus promised is only for a select few. Christianity is no longer inclusive, but highly exclusive. I’d be okay with that if it meant just ignoring those who harbour such thoughts, but they seem obsessed with criminalising perfectly natural human behaviour and the resulting loving relationships between adults. And with criminalisation, the admission of guilt and punishment must follow. When the state refuses to cooperate, extrajudicial punishments occur.
    How primitive and driven by fear we still are.

  2. occupation: indegen,
    Thank you for you comment. Check out chapter 33, pages 184, 185.


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