Scott Lively's gospel is deadly.

Enough is Enough. 

We live in a world with a deep need of repair, full of people born into or with many difficulties they never chose for themselves. 

Whether it be same sex attraction or gender identity, or any one of the thousands of things we humans struggle with, it behooves us to be radically involved in building up, rather than tearing each other down—and to do it out of love and respect for the person, without judgement and condemnation. 

Scott Lively has made it his mission to tear down and incite fear, and to do so with discredited studies and sources to bolster his own theories, which he peddles as the gospel truth. If Intolerance, discrimination were not enough, bullying and even death are the fruit of his labors; we need to go no further than Uganda to see the negative impact Mr. Lively's twisted teachings have made. 

As a follower of Christ myself, I am tired of self-appointed arbiters of God who claim to speak for him and for all believers. Mr. Lively's gospel is deadly.

As you watch these videos, keep in mind that all the theories he espouses have been discredited, but he still maintains that he knows more about this than anyone in the world.

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  1. i got about 3 minutes into the video and had to turn it off. i think just the arrogance of the conversation is enough to be dangerous.


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