Tucked inside my Bible, I found this letter:

A little over a year after my gender alignment surgery, I received a letter from a friend, a retired mechanic with whom I had been part of a men’s Bible Study for close to twenty years. After reading it, I stuck it inside my Bible and forgot all about it—until a couple of days ago. I discovered it while unpacking after my recent move.

Note: My friend didn't used my name in the letter and used instead the initial for my former male name in brackets (J). I have not seen him since the day I told the group I would not be coming to the Bible Study any more. After I transitioned, they had told me I was still welcome, but you could cut the tension with a knife some mornings and I was tired of being the elephant in the room. His letter arrived a couple of weeks later. 

I post the letter without comment, but I would love to know your thoughts on what my friend wrote.

Sept 2011

A Little Leaven
Confronting a brother about his lifestyle in a self-righteous spirit is never called for, however we are told to care for one another, even if it calls for hard love, otherwise we will be held responsible, We may not get a hearing, but we have done what God required of us according to scripture.

(J) are you sure your feet are still on the right path or have you been somewhat deceived? I fear for your soul, it seems that you have exchanged the Truth for a Lie.

(J) I feel I can talk frankly to you as you and I sat side by side in the same bible study for is it not 20 years?

Jesus says: "There is a way that seems right to man but the end thereof is destruction" also”…

(J) fear not I have redeemed you and called you by your name you are mine".

(J) it still stands, turn back while you still can, to embrace your heritage, God's gift, before you are completely taken in and no longer able to escape.

Jesus also said: "I am the way the truth and the life". Perhaps many years ago your mother read those words to you. (J) stop and consider what you are doing, If you in fact are struggling against the Truth, then it is Jesus Himself you are struggling against, and He is sure to win, so where do you think. that lands you? too terrible to think through.

The enemy win seek to lead you into the wilderness a castaway, forever separated from God. Yes, he is able to take away our will to even listen to God speaking to us in His word, and to aid us in misinterpreting The Word, even to give us a sense of peace, all counterfeit, but how terrible the end thereof; for if we don't acknowledge before God that we have sinned, and strayed from His will, until then we are truly lost without Him.

The promise of Jesus is: "Anyone who comes to Me I will in no way cast out."

So let us never categorize sins as great or small, as the little ones may according to the principle of the way leaven works, at some point exceed the greater ones, anything not laid bare before God, but hidden, in the form of sins, will be manipulated by the enemy.

We must never forget, we are all sinners, and prone to wander but "He is able to save to the outermost those who came to God through Him" Heb:7:25. Jesus will not let go if we once came to him. So on the journey here we must be transparent to one another, honest and loving, in our concerns, never hesitate to ask a brother, are you sure you are right with God. Also.

…there is a wide road, many walk on it, and a narrow way and only few there is that find it ... “

It is too dangerous to exercise liberalism regarding God's warnings, lest we stray from the narrow way. In spiritual life I believe this is how a little leaven left hidden in our hearth may work. Reluctantly at first we may half accept something that we know is clearly against God's will. Perhaps we reason, it is accepted by most. We struggle along at first but eventually tolerate it, and soon even defend IT. As we go on it seems right, however is that not a spirit of error that has taken root? Soon we even start defending it out of sympathy. Our feelings versus God's judgments, which literally means we are striving against the Truth. The leaven has now invaded the whole lump, and we are now ready to completely" …exchange the Truth for a lie" at last accepting it as completely normal. What we hid from God in our heart when we gave our life to Jesus, turned out to be a "baby monster"! To fail and fall into sin is one thing, but to willfully wrestle against Jesus would be the most terrible mistake on our part, as God's wrath is sure to crush such a one, and surety of he II to follow. Stop and consider while it is not too late, …anyone who comes to me (J) will in no way cast out. "

God’s Word cannot be compromised by human sympathy.


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