Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tucked inside my Bible, I found this letter:

A little over a year after my gender alignment surgery, I received a letter from a friend, a retired mechanic with whom I had been part of a men’s Bible Study for close to twenty years. After reading it, I stuck it inside my Bible and forgot all about it—until a couple of days ago. I discovered it while unpacking after my recent move.

Note: My friend didn't used my name in the letter and used instead the initial for my former male name in brackets (J). I have not seen him since the day I told the group I would not be coming to the Bible Study any more. After I transitioned, they had told me I was still welcome, but you could cut the tension with a knife some mornings and I was tired of being the elephant in the room. His letter arrived a couple of weeks later. 

I post the letter without comment, but I would love to know your thoughts on what my friend wrote.

Sept 2011

A Little Leaven
Confronting a brother about his lifestyle in a self-righteous spirit is never called for, however we are told to care for one another, even if it calls for hard love, otherwise we will be held responsible, We may not get a hearing, but we have done what God required of us according to scripture.